A word on walk grading: Giving a perfectly accurate description of a walk to a person who has yet to experience that walk is a difficult task. Everyone has a different perception of the relative terms “easy”, “moderate”, “challenging” and “difficult”. The grades on these walks are an indicator of the relative level of challenge. You will enjoy each walk more if you are healthy, have two legs (and knees) that work adequately and maintain a reasonable level of fitness (that improves) over the series. For this reason the trips are spaced out to allow time for recovery and some extra walks in between to improve your fitness for the next outing.

Distance doesn’t necessarily correlate with how long a walk will take. Unless otherwise stated, assume that you will be out in the bush for a full day each time.

Safety / weather conditions: None of these walks are a race! The group will be expected to stay together under the care and supervision of the guide/s. At the beginning of each walk there will be a detailed briefing for the conduct of the day. Your guide is trained in first aid and carries comprehensive emergency gear and appropriate communications equipment. All walks are subject to change on the day, depending on weather conditions. Generally, conditions are stable at this time of the year and program alterations should be unnecessary. If a walk is to be changed, cancelled or postponed you will be given at least 24 hours notice (barring unforeseen circumstances).

Beginner bushwalkers: If you have never walked along rough tracks or up a steep hill in the bush you may find the idea quite daunting. This is an opportunity to try out something new in a supportive environment with an experienced guide. Come on the first couple of walks and discover if bushwalking suits you. You are sure to find it’s a wonderful activity and one you can enjoy in any part of the globe. All you have to do is don walking shoes and take the first step out the door into the day!

Age limits: Whilst there is no upper or lower age limit on participants for Horizon Guides walks some may be more suitable for you than others, especially if you have health issues, ‘bad knees’ or are very young. If in doubt please get in touch before you book so that we can discuss your specific needs and experience.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the walks or your ability to participate.


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